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Adhiambo Jecinta has been of late making headlines reason – on facebook, she posts the most unexpected that a lot will prefer to view with low back light on their phones or while alone.

She’s been identified as selling her nudes and videos at costs to men who just want to see more than what they see on her facebook account

KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE decided to find out more about the Nairobi based ‘nude trader’ making a kill out of her strange business. She has left tongues wagging on social media after she shared a video that has since gone viral of her in action with fish.

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We introduced ourselves as media who would like to visit her and find more about her now trending business. She bluntly refused a visit but allowed us carry this via a Whatsapp chat.

Sample the below:

Kisumu Insyder: Where do u live
Adhiambo Jecinta: I live in Nairobi but not a specific place. I shift when I want because at times the landlord chucks me when they find what character is living in their premise.

Kisumu Insyder: Are you staying alone?
Adhiambo Jecinta: No, I stay with with my 5 year old daughter. The two of us

Kisumu Insyder: How do you manage putting up with her?
Adhiambo Jecinta: It’s from the stuffs people make fun of on social media that pays my very little bills in Nairobi. I take my daughter to school using the proceeds I get from sending porn videos and images to people who make orders and requests

Kisumu Insyder: How much is your rent?
Adhiambo Jecinta: Current house is KES 5,000

Kisumu Insyder: Then how much is your income?
Adhiambo Jecinta: Before the newspapers spoilt my business with rubbish talk, I used to make a lot of money up to KES 10,000 a day. Currently I merely make KES 8,000. But since yesterday after my video going viral, I can see a good day today.

Kisumu Insyder: Who shoots your videos and takes your photos?
Adhiambo Jecinta: I do all those things you are mentioning alone. I don’t need any help because I don’t want waste to money paying for something I can do comfortably.

Kisumu Insyder: Do you really have neighbors, because most of your photos online you are on your house veranda or outside the house
Adhiambo Jecinta: What kind of question is that? This is Nairobi, what your neighbor does that’s up to them as long as they don’t do it in your house or ask you to take part

Kisumu Insyder: In case you get a well wisher, are you able to leave whatever you’re doing now and start living a normal life?
Adhiambo Jecinta: So is what I’m doing abnormal? I don’t think I’m ready to leave what I’m doing. If I hated it I could have found some other thing to do. Those well wishers started hearing about me long ago that had I been interested I could have already stopped what I do. Even Citizen TV called me this morning but I declined to visit their studios

Kisumu Insyder: Where is your home?
Adhiambo Jecinta: Busia, Teso

Kisumu Insyder: Then why is word so out that you come from Siaya, what’s the connection with Siaya?
Adhiambo Jecinta: I’ve been brought up in Siaya but I’m not from Siaya, I’m Teso from Busia having slight Siaya upbringing background

Kisumu Insyder: What’s the price for your products?
Adhiambo Jecinta: My prices range from KES 250 – 400. I charge KES 250 for photos then for videos depends with the length. My videos range from KES 350 – 400

Kisumu Insyder: What is the length for your videos?
Adhiambo Jecinta: That depends with my client. I can do anything you want up to 30 mins maximum of show case.

Kisumu Insyder: So what are required of a potential client before they can see what you are made of?
Adhiambo Jecinta: Very easy, I just have to confirm the MPESA transaction then there we go after you tell me which package brings you.

Kisumu Insyder: So you have to confirm MPESA transaction before you send video?
Adhiambo Jecinta: Yes, that’s how easy my terms are.

Kisumu Insyder: Have you ever been conned?
Adhiambo Jecinta: I think less than 3 times when I was getting into business. I had a few stupid men sending me cash then they reverse the transaction. Nqt. I exposed one and nothing of that sort has ever happened again. Nowadays I have loyal clients.

Kisumu Insyder: Should they send withdrawal fee too?
Adhiambo Jecinta: Most definitely, I’m not going to withdraw that cash with his ******

Kisumu Insyder: So do you have a pay bill number or account for your business?
Adhiambo Jecinta: Those are long stories, I have a number for all my transactions.

Kisumu Insyder: Can you share it?
Adhiambo Jecinta: Why not. Have it 0722736272

Kisumu Insyder: Now that you have set facebook ablaze, what is your reaction to the criticism guys be giving you out there?
Adhiambo Jecinta: Do I seem to care? Unless I also involve myself in their businesses. That talking makes me get more clients anyway. Just like I told you today is a good day that’s why I’m happy I have accepted these useless questions you people are asking me

Kisumu Insyder: What if someone would like to meet and see you physically apart from sending photos?
Adhiambo Jecinta: What for? I’m a busy person making money meeting somebody does not earn me money. Or you meant for sex?

Kisumu Insyder: Yes
Adhiambo Jecinta: No, that’s crap. If you don’t want photos or videos then you ain’t a loyal client.

Kisumu Insyder: But where do you walk? Don’t people recognize you?
Adhiambo Jecinta: What will they do if they know me? As long as I don’t know them that’s none of my business

Kisumu Insyder: So in case your daughter is at school and you home alone, what else do you do?
Adhiambo Jecinta: I think of other strategies of making videos and receive orders from clients

Kisumu Insyder: So after you pay your bills, do you save or you have other projects?
Adhiambo Jecinta: Avoid such useless questions. I gave you time for very straight forward questions for very straight forward answers.

Kisumu Insyder: What do your kinsmen say about your business or they don’t know what you do?
Adhiambo Jecinta: They know and some I hear have disowned me but who cares, I’m making money they’re not

Kisumu Insyder: Have you registered to vote?
Adhiambo Jecinta: I have an ID but why would I vote or register? What I’m doing helps me more than going to register and just becoming a voter. after all Raila is going to be the President with or without my vote

Kisumu Insyder: Any parting shot to your clients or general public about your business?
Adhiambo Jecinta: To my clients, a new package shall be launched soon. To the public, continue talking about me, it’s marketing my business.

Kisumu Insyder: What are your official facebook handles where your clients can see the brief of what you are before they make a request for a package?
Adhiambo Jecinta: I have Adhiambo Nyar Siaya and Adhiambo Jecinta

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