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He was yesterday arraigned in court for charges of getting into KRA system illegally leading to the loss of a sum over KES 4B.

Alex Mutuku is not only just an ordinary IT brain but also well equipped with sharp skills in Java, C++, Web languages, PHP, Python. In his high school at Kathiani High School in Machakos County, he topped the school in the KCSE exam with a mean grade of a straight A.

Mutuku has been a continuous nightmare to top company systems in Kenya including:

  1. Tampering with Safaricom’s Mobile Top Up system that led him to making away with KES 20,000 airtime. He reffered to this as something he was just trying.
  2. Threatening NIC Bank to pay him KES 6.2M or else he would disclose some confidential information he got from the bank’s system that he accessed via sophisticated software
  3. He deviced an app that could download the entire DAILY NATION e-paper that can only be read online. He bragged about this and posted the links and source codes on his facebook page.
  4. This man also has a number of apps hosted by Google Play. A very close source says that most companies use him to try the security of their systems.

Alex who is a graduate from the University of Nairobi year 2012 appeared before a Nairobi Court yesterday to answer to claims related to the KRA hacking but he denied the charges. He will appear on court again next week so as either to be granted his request to be freed on bond or allow the police to detain him for 40 days as further investigations are carried. Police have expressed their concerns about the 28-year-old who they term as the biggest nightmare for banks and other institutions and also a prime suspect in the hacking of the KRA systems.

Mutuku has been flaunting a life that his peers can only relate to acts they see in movies. Below are some of the screenshots of what he does and posts on his facebook page.

Screenshot_20170323-111444 Screenshot_20170323-111529 Screenshot_20170323-111551 Screenshot_20170323-111621 Screenshot_20170323-111704 Screenshot_20170323-111729 Screenshot_20170323-111757 Screenshot_20170323-111816 Screenshot_20170323-111848 Screenshot_20170323-111907 Screenshot_20170323-111922 Screenshot_20170323-111949 Screenshot_20170323-112022 Screenshot_20170323-112040 Screenshot_20170323-112111 Screenshot_20170323-112134 Screenshot_20170323-112205 Screenshot_20170323-112231 Screenshot_20170323-112256 Screenshot_20170323-112331 Screenshot_20170323-112400 Screenshot_20170323-112442