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Since the controversial birthday that went viral on social media including the Daily Nation & Nairobian, Daggy Owila the Migosi Ward aspirant literally went offline and it has been a question many don’t have an answer to.

Kisumu Insyder caught up with the 29 year old hopeful and we discovered a lot has been happening after his son’s birthday party controversy that was reported to have costed over KES 500K

Douglas Otieno Owila has been up and down running his errands privately away from the media that he says brought him woes. “I’m still vying and nothing has changed. I’ve been attending meetings with various groups like church cliques, women groups, children homes and travel SACCOs eg bodaboda operators” he says.

On the issue why he went silent, Daggy has got his own share of mayhem from KRA after what was termed as a spending worth scrutiny. After the son’s ‘million dollar’ birthday being reported in the media, KRA officials had to confirm the credibility of the spender. Details from KRA shows that Daggy had registered a series of companies from way back 2010 and some were not tax compliant. KRA decided to back date all the taxes of these companies from 2010 to 2016 when the incident happened.

It’s at this decision by KRA that Daggy had a mountain task to prove that all the companies mentioned were no longer functional and the remaining 3 were all catered for tax wise. It took more than just papers to make KRA withdraw the penalty and make the ‘Warembo na Daggy’ man free financially but not psychologically and socially.

Since then, he’s been putting up things to place and making new strategies to make a top cream comeback. The father of one says he’s given himself enough time to get over the KRA nightmare and he will be making a grand launch of his bid as soon as he’s all set.

On the warembo na Daggy, he says the group is still intact and that the child cannot play when daddy is sick. They are all set to take to the ground once all plans they’re working on cooks up.

Daggy Owila is hopeful to unsit the current Migosi Ward MCA Paul Achayo on an ODM ticket. Other contestants in the ward include JohnPaul and a current nominated MCA Pamela.