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Movie shops have of late been the latest trending business and source of latest movies and general visual entertainment. Kisumu’s United Mall, Winmat, Lake Market, Swan Centre, Mega City, Oginga Odinga Street and estates hosts some of these now very popular shops.

It’s now emerging that some of these movie shops might cease to exist in the next 14 days. This comes after the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua warned owners of such shops who fail to comply with the Industry laws might be prosecuted and their businesses closed.

This is after claims that they are a hotspot of circulation of obscene content and do not closely watch the age group they serve therefore making unwanted visual media susceptible to unwanted groups like school going children. “The move would tame copyright infringement by unscrupulous dealers. Also, it will be easier to track those flouting the regulations and take appropriate actions through having all these businesses legally licensed & registered” Mutua said while addressing Media stakeholders at a workshop over the weekend.

His direction comes after concerns have been raised that these movie shops are on a fast rise yet the film makers are not complying with the Film & Stage Plays Act that requires the businesses registered and approved by the Kenya Films Classification Board (KFCB)

A couple of movie owners we talked to in the streets of Kisumu feel this will be a measure to kill this business currently doing well as movie lovers wants to get updated daily through latest movies and series. “The registration and approval process by KFCB is too expensive to run such a small business and I think the government is just on its way to sabotage youths trying to create employment to themselves” says Adrian a movie shop owner in Kisumu’s Oginga Odinga street.