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Many including Kisumu motorists celebrated when a law passed last week stated that alco-blow breathalyzer was illegal and was to be withdrawn from Kenyan roads. But this happiness seems to be short lived.

NTSA Director General Francis Meja has confirmed that  some motorists assaulted NTSA officers last Friday as they claimed the gadget was illegal and they (motorists) could not consent to being arrested for drunk driving. The NTSA boss has dismissed reports that the authority has been stopped from using the drunk-test breathalyzer. “We shall deal with anyone who interferes with the work of our officers on the ground and take action against motorists who assault any NTSA official at the roadblocks,” he said.

The NTSA boss said the ruling only advised that the laws were inconsistent with the traffic rules. “The authority is working to rectify this. The court advised that instead of drunk drivers being charged under NTSA laws, they should be charged under the traffic laws as stipulated in the constitution,” he said. “The judgement by the court does not in any way affect the validity of drink-drive operations. The authority will continue with the crackdown on drunk drivers across the country especially during the Easter holiday.”

Meja maintained that driving under the influence of alcohol was an offence and that the authority will not relent on the crackdown. “To avoid trouble, we urge those who intoxicate themselves to use taxis,” he said

So Kisumu motorists, it’s still not yet time to merry and drive……watch out.!

A motorist using the alco-blow
A motorist using the alco-blow