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He is a popular media figure in Kisumu. We caught up with Fofona Bangali and he revealed to us more than what you know of him.

KISUMU INSYDER: Your real names
Fofona Bangali: Fofona Bangali. Actually I’m supposed to be Fofana not Fofona.

KISUMU INSYDER: So where’s Fofona from?
Fofona Bangali: Hehe, it’s Kenyans my bro. Si unawajua and how lazy they are to pronounce things rightly. My name is Fofana not Fofona.

KISUMU INSYDER: Where’s the origin of your name
Fofona Bangali: It’s a West African name from Ivory Coast. But I’m am so Kenyan. Kwanza from Suba.

KISUMU INSYDER: What keeps you in this city
Fofona Bangali: Well, so much. I am a journalist, I work  with Radio Lake Victoria in Kisumu, and I also do some small biz as side husles to keep afloat.

KISUMU INSYDER: What do you do at Radio Lake Victoria.
Fofona Bangali: I’m a presenter and also heads the sales & marketing. My show is a Rhumba Program called RHUMBA NON-STOP where we showcase and play anything Rumba, from Zouk to Technosukous running weekly on Sundays fro 1:15PM – 4:00PM

KISUMU INSYDER: Why did you choose to major on a  Rhumba Show?
Fofona Bangali: I have been generally loving Rhumba music from childhood. My mama used to sell Rhumba LPs ( Long Play Vinyl – aka santuri) them days. I tell you I knew Franco even before I knew how to count well.

KISUMU INSYDER: Your school life
Fofona Bangali:
I had a very normal school life. I attended the MM Shah Primary Sch in Kisumu Then later I was to join the now Kisumu Boys School but my parents didn’t want me to join a day school. So I went to Tura Base.

KISUMU INSYDER: Which one is that now?
Fofona Bangali: Hehe, the great Onjiko School. Onjiko Boys

KISUMU INSYDER: Your parents refused to take you to a day school at Form One, means you might have been stubborn or something?
Fofona Bangali: Haha, no. I was very polite while young and still am. I am actually a typical Kisumu person. I’ve grown here most of my life. I used to go to school but just come back to Kisumu. Went to college in Uganda but still just came back here. So I had limited time to be that naughty boy.

KISUMU INSYDER: Your childhood husles, what did you do for money while young?
Fofona Bangali: I am a very good artist, fine arts that is. I drew to get money for bread at Onjiko Boys and also drew cartoons/caricature and anything artistic. I also did illustrations for so many text books, especially biology books for several publishing houses.

KISUMU INSYDER: How did your career begin after campus?
Fofona Bangali: My very first official job was a Holiday sales-man in a concept called TIME-SHARE. It was a company called LEADING RESORTS OF THE WORLD. I was the top sales rep in Kisumu and was promoted to a Manager later transferred to Nairobi where i later joined the StanChart Bank. I just got tired of the Banking routine job and wanted something new. So in 2005, I joined RLV as the head of sales where I am till now. I head the marketing and sales and on Sundays I present  Rhumba.


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  • ASAKA NYANGARA (1%, 1 Votes)
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KISUMU INSYDER: Your name is bit scandalous in Kisumu. Why?
Fofona Bangali: Haha, I don’t have any scandals at all. In fact not at any my bro. What I know or think is that Kisumu being so small, you will most definitely have those who like you and those who will just hate you for no apparent reason. So I’m not complaining. But for scandals, hehe, I don’t live a scandalous life at all.

KISUMU INSYDER: Then say something about Kisumu ladies now that you don’t have a scandal to shed light on.
Fofona Bangali: Well, for Kisumu ladies I’ll be so brief for fear that you ask me what I might not have an answer to. Apart from them having the looks, they are so bold and courageous both online and when you meet them. They actually go for what they want and they are so aggressive. Most of them that is, not all.

KISUMU INSYDER: Tell us about your first girlfriend
Fofona Bangali: Hahaha….you need an answer to this? Cool. Had my first girlfriend when I was in my first year in College. She was from Rwanda. Just as I’ve told you I was very innocent in Primary and High school. I had very strict parents that I couldn’t risk having even a secret girlfriend. I kept thinking they’d know.

KISUMU INSYDER: Why do you think there is a very high rise in baby mamas in Kisumu? Are the men becoming irresponsible or the ladies are getting into it as a lifestyle?
Fofona Bangali: That might be hard to tell. Remember in the Bible, the book of Ecclesiastes, King Solomon listed the relationship between a  man and a woman as one of the very few things he did not understand despite the wisdom God had bestowed him with. What I think is that relationships have just become very complicated these days with most men want no strings attached while most ladies seeking the easy way out to get sponsorship coz they don’t want to work hard and earn. The rise of baby mamas and baby daddys in Kisumu is because there’s an increase in relationships that had no vision and they end up realizing they were not meant yo be a thing, yet the baby is already there. We need to take time to know each other before committing fully. In addition, having single parents is just a symptom of a moral decay in the current society who base their lives on reality TV shows like WAGS and all that.

KISUMU INSYDER: You quoted a Bible Book, so you even know the Bible?
Fofona Bangali: Hahahaha, my bro I’m a christian. In fact my dad is a church elder. Why wouldn’t I be equipped with some of these life saving verses.

KISUMU INSYDER: You Talked of sponsorship. Earlier, Kisumu was ranked a top target for sponsors. What’s your opinion on this?
Fofona Bangali: It’s true, there would never be sponsors if they had no one to sponsor in the first place. So many ladies are taken to school to learn, get a job and be independent, but eventually, they come out of college, and they crave this “slaying” and “staying on fleek” lifestyle thing. Only to realize that they can’t either afford it or maintain it. They end up falling prey to sponsors or breaking stable homes. The results is what you see, sponsors apa tao and lots and lots of baby mamas who live like magicians, they don’t work but they live large!

KISUMU INSYDER: So talking of family do you have one or still looking for a family?
Fofona Bangali: In Kisumu ni kujipanga my friend. I am in a very steady relationship with this very lovely lady and a very pretty daughter.

KISUMU INSYDER: It’s that voting season. Who are the faces of change for Kisumu in your opinion?
Fofona Bangali: That is a tough one. With the work I do when I disclose some of these stuff it might not be business as usual. Haha, I think I’ll keep this to myself.

KISUMU INSYDER: We have the Daram pipo, Da Place Mamboleo, Buccaneers name them. What’s your favorite joint in Kisumu?
Fofona Bangali: Men I like them all coz they all have something different to offer on specific theme days. Kisumu clubs are well organized with theme days. At least each day you got a specific joint to spend an evening if you have to.

KISUMU INSYDER: Lastly, a few things Kisumu people don’t know about you?
Fofona Bangali: First I don’t take liquor, alcohol that is. My favorite drink is lemon tea. Haha. Sounds untrue but it’s the truth. I know u know that. Then I used to be a serious martial artist Tae Kwo-ndo in high school. I’m also a very good actor – I did lots of drama. I also can cook anything from chapos to prawns. This will sweep you, I still fear flying but unfortunately its necessity for me regarding what I do.