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Tanya Ranguma, the last born daughter to the current Kisumu Governor seeking re-election has literally broke the internet this morning after an article from a local daily went viral. Social media immediately became a buzz of discussions with online users taking sides and Lupita’s side thought that Tanya was engaging in a cat fight with the Oscar Award winner.


The Kisumu Insyder has reached to Tanya to clarify why she rubbished Lupita’s video endorsement but Tanya still insisted that she won’t mix her words.

“Lupita isn’t in any position to endorse a non performer, I don’t dispute the fact that she is supporting her own father of course any other person would do that but on what grounds? It’s better heard when you are supporting development not just family interests. Personally I don’t have anything against her but I have to react to whatever she says because she is trying to compare all development records my father has done in Kisumu against what her own father failed to do during the 20 years he was an MP and a health Minister. Leave alone the 5 years he was senator.

Nobody saw anything from her dad in form of a single development. Whereas Ranguma’s track record is wide open for everyone to see. Look at the road expansions within the city and in the outskirts, see the new investors because of the new Kisumu development speeds currently on going, see the new hospital facilities in the county, not talking about the 10,000 University Students this year who have been offered bursaries, note the upgrading of Russia hospital to JOOTRH and the critical care unit and dialysis being commissioned in JOOTRH, something his own father did not do as the Health Minister during his tenure.

So instead of recording a video to endorse his father, she should have recorded that video to support my father’s bid for re-election because Kisumu has a better life ahead with what we have already seen Jack Ranguma do in the past 5 years than what we did not see her father do in the last 25 years” Tanya exclusively told Kisumu Insyder on phone.

The two daughters of the two politicians have spent most of their lifetime abroad and are both in their mid thirties. Tanya was at the Alliance Girls and attended the Temple University in Philadelphia where she studied Actuarial Science. She has been an actuary for Pricewater House Coopers in the Philadelphia for 9 years and currently working for the Chubb Insurance, an International company in Europe, Asia & America. She’s based in Atlanta.

With the political season heated up in Kisumu, she has taken time off her lucrative job to come assist her dad win back his county seat. “I’m always here so this makes me be in close touch with what goes on back here at home” she says.

The Kisumu gubernatorial race is getting stiffer as they head to the primaries tomorrow. This is making each side not to leave any stone unturned in the quest to make sure their candidate is made the occupant of the top county seat.

Tanya Ranguma in a campaign rally with her dad Hon. Jack Ranguma
Tanya Ranguma in a campaign rally with her dad Hon. Jack Ranguma