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The family of slain IEBC director of ICT Chris Msando’s family is now worried on how the government is silent on his death probe that was to reveal and prosecute his killers.


An autopsy report revealed that Msando was tortured then strangled to death in a series of unclear circumstances before his body being dumped at City Morgue on the morning of July 31st.

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Msando’s mother Maria Aloo, 75, has noted with concern and agony that it’s now almost three months since her son was killed yet no report has been presented amid investigations.

“The government promised to unearth the mystery surrounding the death of my son but for close to three months now, nothing tangible has happened.” she said

Aloo also added that the government investigations appears to have been slowed down and might end up swept under the carpet, leaving the death of her son a total uncovered mystery.

Msando’s wife. Eva Msando [in blue] viewing the remains of her husband

The elderly parent mourned her son saying killers of Msando robbed her a valuable child and that her life has now become so difficult that she cannot eat properly and carry on with her medication as it was her slain son who had been paying for it.

She further reveals that her nights have been long, troubled and sleepless because Msando is always on her mind. She says that her son’s spirit shall just rest after his killers brought to book and prosecuted.

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“Why couldn’t they arrest or fire him instead of killing him if he had committed any offence at work?”

Msando’s elder sister Alice Awuor suggested that the government to let foreign experts like the FBI and Scotland Yard to help uncover the mystery behind her brother’s murder. The same sentiments were pushed by NASA leaders.

Msando's kin when his body was identified dumped at City Mortuary
Msando’s kin when his body was identified dumped at City Mortuary

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