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As a mother, all you expect after nine months of pregnancy is an adorable healthy baby because you feel this is all you need as a gift for the sleepless nights, the cravings and the mood swings which in some instances makes you fall out with a few who do not understand pregnancy.

The joy is always untold when you finally get to hold your little new born in your arms for the first time. Nothing and I mean nothing prepares you for a baby that isn’t normal.


For me, I almost thought my joy had not just arrived too when it dawned to me that my first born had been born with a condition – cleft lip or pallet but I had to take him as a joy still.

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For starters, a cleft lip and or pallet is a split opening on the lip or the inside of the mouth.


Ethan, my son, was born with a unilateral cleft lip and pallet 6 years ago, specifically on 19th Jan 2012. He has since undergone correctional surgeries to correct them and currently, he is  a healthy, lovely and adorable boy.

Being born differently or with a certain or specific condition isn’t the parents’ fault or the kid’s. At times it’s God giving you a challenge to see your belief in Him.


I never thought of being less happier when I received my baby having this condition, I took it as what was mine and what I’d received, but see now where we are!


Through always sharing Ethan’s story on his birthday, I seek to encourage those parents or mothers whose kids have different kinds of health or bodily complications.

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It’s through this that I have managed to link several parents and their kids to correctional surgeries experts which are done for free by the way.


I keep having a dream of one day being a kids’ ambassador specifically for those born with clefts.

Check out for my next article on parental responsibilities when you’re having a kid born with a condition. Not all parents could be people who can easily handle kids with conditions.

Through training and a little experience, I would like to share the same in my next article.


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