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Mishi Dorah, a popular Kisumu socialite and the scandalous cast at Nairobi Diaries lost her dad over a week ago, 29th January to be specific, and is set to be buried this weekend in their rural home in Ugenya, Siaya County.

Mishi described her late dad as having stood by her through thick and thin and he who saw all the positivism in her, what she says very few can see.

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“..the man that has stood by me through thick and thin… the man that has always reminded me that I’m a pretty and very special child that deserves nothing but the best.. the man that has always seen the good on me even when no one saw it…

Mishi Dorah - Kisumu socialite and cast, Nairobi Diaries
Mishi Dorah – Kisumu socialite and cast, Nairobi Diaries

one that has never looked down on me …one that has always fought for my rights.. . I call him Jenga man (Mr Ojenge)…. Go well daddy… Go well my love… I will dearly miss you” Mishi euologized at the time she received the eye-watering news

The burial that shall take place tomorrow has seen the mother of three again take to her gram and mourn the death of someone he called daddy.


At the time of her dad’s death, Mishi was and is still being faced by a law suit after popular DJ, Pierra Mackena sued her for tarnishing her name online. Pierra wanted an apology, otherwise it be sorted behind legal corridors.

It’s not clear whether DJ Pierra shall consider the fact that her victim is mourning, but as far as KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE is aware of, Mishi said she will only apologize if DJ Pierra proves that she wasn’t the one who body shamed the Nairobi Diaries cast in a Whatsapp Group.

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Now, that ugly drama aside, back to why you came to read this article, may her dad Mr. Ojenge’s soul rest in eternal peace.!

Here’s the photo posted by the socialite confirming that it’s not an easy time for her and her family.


“But where do I start from??? Go well my love…R.I.P paps” – she captioned the photo

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