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The once strained online relationship between Embakasi East MP Babu Owino and nominated Senator Millicent Omanga seems to have faded away if we are to believe photos from a meeting that was held on Labour Day at the Jacaranda Grounds.

Babu Owino was not only seen shaking hands with the vocal Senator but also took to his Twitter handle to pass a message of gratitude to her.

“I would love to thank my sister Mama Millicent Omanga, Lower Savanah Ward MCA Hon Nicholas and thousands of patriots who showed up at Jacaranda grounds to help me award bursaries to our sisters and brothers in various secondary and tertiary learning institutions today” tweeted Babu Owino

The event was held in regards to issuing bursaries to the needy in Embakasi East Constituency, and in attendance was Millicent Omanga, Babu Owino’s once public foe.


The two at one time tore into each other savagely calling each other unprintables. It all started when Millicent Omanga called Babu Owino a small boy and was going to personally circumcise him if he do not stop insulting government officials.

Babu Owino hit back revealing to the world that the senator had received her nomination as a result of opening her legs.

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The tweet from the law maker could be an indication that the two have now put aside their differences. This after a series of online insults that the two hurled at each other in recent past.


Below are photos from the event

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Below are some of the reactions from KOT

Others saw more than just an ordinary Tweet made by Babu Owino, like one Dion.

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