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Close to four days now after the Luo Night Festival that went down at the Tom Mboya Labour College in Kisumu last weekend, afro zouk singer Yvonne Shanneyz hasn’t been at peace with a section of her online fans.

The artist has been receiving a fair share of trolls from online users who feel she gave a whack performance at the event which was supposed to be epic, but according to the online bullies, Yvonne decided to taint the event’s image.

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Most of them accused her of continuously swinging and showing them her bottoms instead of singing and entertaining them.

Yvonne Shanneyz
Yvonne Shanneyz

The artist has finally responded to the trolls asking how anybody could blame her large behind for a poor perfomance like the bottoms sang too.


While talking exclusively to KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE on Wednesday morning, the artist claimed that those attacking her just have a personal problem with her, now pegging it to her perfomance.

“Any artist can perform either satisfactorily or poorly on stage on different occasions. I don’t know why they have a problem with my bottoms. They were not performing. If anybody should attack me, let them direct the insults to me, my band and my producers, not my ass!” she made it clear

Keyboard warriors had earlier on suggested that she must stop posting dance videos as that is all she does all day instead of practicing on how to sing on stage.


She has however confirmed that she is not going to pay attention or take seriously anybody who attacks her by body shaming her.

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