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Not such a new name to Kisumu’s political scene or business industry, Eddy Anayo, a former politician is a popular businessman who’s majored in high end car rentals and events.

A brief chat with KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE revealed that he is no ordinary businessman. Not only does he believe in investing to get returns but also has spared most of his free time for luxury, which he says is part of his daily life, therefore should not come cheap!


Anayo, a former Market Milimani Ward MCA quit politics to fully embark on business. He’s the proprietor behind Phiaton Travels, a car rental company and Homeland Events, a venture that offers all events’ necessities all under one quote.




GenSet for hire at Homeland Events
GenSet for hire at Homeland Events
A Homeland Events setup
A Homeland Events setup

Homeland Events provides a complete stage, lights, sound, modern LED daylight screens, crowd control barriers, dome tents and all other necessities of both outdoor and indoor events.

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Well, that aside, Anayo also well known for his luxurious lifestyle has now added what most people would either just be imagining or seeing in uptown movies, a golf course in his Milimani Office from where he oversees all his business operations.

“Golf is my favorite sport, therefore instead of wasting time getting to a Golf Club which will cost me some time off my daily busy schedule, I’d rather have it in my office so as to jump onto my favorite hobby whenever I feel I need to golf” he says

The office golf equipment doesn’t come cheap. Our quick look at Amazon.Com reveals that to have the cheapest complete equipment setup in your office, you have to part with at least USD 2,000 [approximately KES 200,000], a ten-month rent for an average Kenyan.

Eddy Anayo golfing in his office
Eddy Anayo golfing in his office

He further reveals that he has a high appetite for making money and the same proportion for golfing, which is his favorite, therefore if all available under the same roof, he’s sorted to make a day count whenever he’s in the office.

Eddy Anayo's posh Milimani office
Eddy Anayo’s posh Milimani office

Apart from business, Eddy Anayo also takes part in community based initiatives in Kisumu from where he sponsors various social activities in Kisumu and heads a few too.

He’s the current chairman of the Kisumu Rugby Football Club.

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Nonetheless, having a long history in car rental services, Anayo’s fleet is regarded the most prestigious in Western Kenya, making his Phiaton Travels an established business in the region’s car hire industry.

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Phiaton Travels boasts of a fully equipped high end fleet with free Wi-Fi to its clients alongside professional drivers and pocket friendly costs.

To book or hire services from either Homeland Events and Phiaton Travels, contact the administrators on 0722638368 for PHIATON Travels and 0788600000 for Homeland Events

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