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Users of the Dunga/Milimani road woke up to a rude shock after encountering a famous building that was under construction turned into debris.

The building opposite the Yatch Club on your way to Dunga was demolished on the dawn of Wednesday. Sources that spoke to KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE revealed that the contractor might have defied demolition marks by the authorities close to two times.

The building alleged to be a five-star apartment once finished is thought to be belonging to a lakeside Asian was brought down after there was clear indication that the investment had been erected on a road reserve.


Long-term witnesses claim that the ‘Demolish X’ had been marked on the building not once but twice as the contractor kept covering the warnings using cement.

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Finally, it was time for action. Below are the photos of the building which stood tall right in-front of yet another different building under construction believed to be owned by Ranalo Food’s millionaire, Osewe.

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Photos Courtesy: Odidi Starren

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