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Kawere Bus Service is again on the spot after a Sunday accident that claimed the lives of two passengers and left scores critically injured along the Kisumu Muhoroni road near Awasi junction.

The bus which was headed for Busia from Nairobi was involved in an accident with a lorry around 2PM.

Below are photos from the Sunday accident

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Netizens online are now a fed up lot and are now pushing for quick action against the buses’ management and drivers.

A good number of online users are not satisfied with the rate at which the buses are claiming lives of travelers, the manner at which the buses are being driven and also the intimidation the bus drivers are causing other road users.

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In a viral video, one of the buses registered to Kawere Connections was captured being driven very carelessly and overtaking recklessly, causing one of the oncoming motorists to veer of the road.

Below is the trending video

Concerned Kenyans are now pushing for quick action to tame the rogue bus drivers before they claim more innocent lives.

Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans that KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE came across

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