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Ailing former media personality Louis Otieno is once again appealing to well-wishers to help him raise KES 4M. This is after a couple of politicians failed to keep their promise.

They had promised to aid the former news anchor’s medical expenses and enable him get well again.

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Louis Otieno has been depending on lip reading and writing notes to communicate with people due to financial constraints making him not to get adequate medical attention for his condition.

Louis Otieno
Louis Otieno

Louis together with a section of his family and friends are now planning on a fundraising drive sponsored by Rahab Foundation at the Villa Rosa Kempinski on the 18th of May from 6pm.

According to records, the fundraising shall be the second one. The first was a public appeal that required well-wishers to deposit money on a specific till which was circulated on social media. The drive raised KES 1.7M.


Just in case the fundraising goes as planned, the former media king will be able to gain his hearing and carry on with his life normally.

Louis lost his hearing in very unclear circumstances one morning and now lives in a silent lonely world.

“One morning I wake up and I can’t hear the nurse just like that. I was in shock. How do you wake up one morning and your world is gone? I lost the world in one single day…

I ended up with a hearing aid but what it did, I opened up the noise around me but I could not discern speech. I literally live in a cave I have no idea whats going on in the world.” he said

His doctors have told him that he needs electronic implants inserted in his cochlear, the inner part of the ear responsible for detecting sound.

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