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Many expected this on my Facebook timeline but here we are, landed at KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE, making my maiden article with Kisumu’s top social blog. The beginning of my interesting journey as part of the editors of my favorite social website in Kisumu.

Well, that aside, the #IAMKisumuConcert went down at the Acacia Premier Hotel last Saturday, that’s 7th June from 6PM till late, hosted by the Lion Empire, sponsored by Sayn Alex Okemo.


There is definately a difference between seeing a live performance and listening to a playback performance. Listening to LIVE PERFORMANCE MUSIC soothes the mind and soul and is a way to spend a Saturday night.


As the author of this article, I managed to attend a Live Music Performance and as a matter of fact, I can say it was a phenomenal experience. I thought it was a throwback to the days when television was in black and white. It was a very intimate setting between the band and the lovely audience. Applauds!!

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As we all know Acacia Premier with all it’s setting is a Four Star Hotel. When we moved up, we were met by the ushers as per the usual standards along with three other staff members before getting through the front desk office. The Venue is a check. Great Staff Great Service, the view of Kisumu from the pool side is epic!

Acacia Premier Hotel
Acacia Premier Hotel

To say the least, I have been a fan of HOMELAND EVENTS equipment lately because they are of state of the art and efficient. The sound, the stage and lighting was quite impressive and apparently the microphones though heavy are exceptional having used them in a number of events. Having the stage inside the pool was delightful.

Though Homeland Events equipment being avant-garde garde the technician in charge of Sound wasn’t up to task when it came to live band. Homeland Events has a good sound very impressive but let them get a better sound skilled worker to work on that.


This was quite a combination; Mc Brayo he calls himself the IG aka Inspector General, Mc Steel the guy with the six pack and dresses sharply and Mc Onyulo the guy with the wits and humour. The ladies couldn’t just get enough.

MC Brayo is the hype guru he knows how to hype the crowd and keep them up on their feet. Mc Steel and Mc Onyulo gets you laugh till your abdomen hurts right! Great Combo. But as my friend Jefferson Ngozi says Mc Steel and Mc Onyulo need to control their excitement I don’t know why and how but that’s it.


And for those who have said Kisumu Entertainment Hub doesn’t have artists I hope you all saw for yourself how great our own artists are. Having a line up of artists like Lyrikali, Swaleh Pod Apek, Chief Moses Jina Mature, 411 Society Legendary Music, Nebulazz, Matamu and the likes and getting to bring them together is no mean feat for an event organiser.

Matamu Music
Matamu Music

Though on my opinion I don’t know how Nana; Kysh; Chain Lamar; June Rapsha missed out on this star studded list of great performers. Lion Empire you did a great job by giving our own artists a platform to showcase their God given talents. And I hope watu walilipwa Lol. That’s a story for another day mayne Monday morning at 8am. Kisumu Artist did as proud but they need to train more when it comes to live band. Watu walikuwa wanastruggle msee.

Otile Brown was a fine choice and the way the ladies couldn’t wait to get hold of him. I say this event had more ladies compared to the gents. Otile Brown was the show stopper of the night. Great choice of guest appearance. Lion Empire kindly keep on surprising us

Otile Brown
Otile Brown

The beautiful ladies were all looking glamorous and ready to help around in case of anything. At least the attendees were getting to be shown around just in case and that was perfect. There are some events we attend and the ushers are either busy taking photos/selfies or busy enjoying the event. Shit happens and you have no one to ask help from. I don’t really know you guys in persons but congratulation you deserve a medal and recognition.

For the people who missed out I bet you missed out on a lot. Hyped by MC BRAYO the Inspector General and Comical Stunts by MC STEEL AND MC ONYULO. An electrifying performance by SWALEH POD APEK with the signature laughter ‘ehehehehe’ hit songs like Tin To Mit, Opuk Langalanga and Pod Apek, Chief Moses jina Mature he calls himself the Kondele Ghetto Presidante with songs like Giniwasekao, Mature, Injili Refix and Pesa Ngapi, Nebulazz Ze Don Gaga we danced to Pang uru Tich, Zambarurera, Tuition Teacher, Jasho Kwa Bash, through to Matamu Music Energetic Perfomance from and the signature intro it’s Matamu Baibie we danced to Lowkey ft Gabiro, Relate etcetera.

MC Steel & MC Onyulo
MC Steel & MC Onyulo

Meet Lyrikali the hype guru the dancehall king was on another level. Another performance from all girl group dubbed Jiji Africa was on level hundred. Meet 411 Society taking us through Trap Music on Luo to Swahili lyrics, Maiye, Chalnade, Jiario and Rubberband. And then you have the Legendary group taking us down memory lane with F.L.I.K and Freeway. The CBK; You guys still remember Siro right; how about Rasukha Murwe and Who You Know. The stage was lit backed by NON OTHER THAN ONE VIBE BAND.

Kisumu Art House did an exclusive job I swear. From furnishing the seats with Ankara Print and giving it an African set up was exclusive. The way the seats were placed around the stage was awesome. The decor was absolutely appealing to the eye. Kisumu Art House A Big thank you for making the venue look marvelous. Big Up


Honestly, we absolutely LOVE having a good DJ in all our events. The whole atmosphere changes! The crowd is energized and interactive. That DJ that can make the audience feel relaxed and guided seamlessly throughout the evening with ease. Every single crowd we see come through events is different. It’s true! It is the DJ’s duty to read the crowd and know what exactly is going to engage them to be interested in the next activity.

DJ Anam
DJ Anam

A good DJ will measure the pulse of the event and figure out what should be played next and not jump around from genre to genre like your playlist might. From experience, they know when to slow things down with a slow song and when to play the latest Top100 songs. Dj Anam you did a great job despite the pressure. I always know you can handle it. Let’s have a toast.

We all love it when we meet new people right?? The I AM KISUMU FESTIVAL really brought on board new faces instead of the ‘kawaida’ people we all see in these events, proof that the Kisumu Entertainment Hub is hugely growing and there are quite a lot of people willing to be part of the revolution.

New Telkom

People were looking energized and glamorous. The red carpet was breath taking with different fashion pieces from both the ladies and gents. People you were looking good and thanks for not having those funny funny poses on the red carpet and for giving our photographers like Real B: Opuk Jakinda: Browline: Picha Afrique some easy time. Bless you



Sometimes I feel like this term VIP/VVIP is overrated and misused right?? Making guests feel special is very much down to what the group of people enjoy. For example if you are hosting a group of teenagers; you’ll just need a large Plasma TV, a PlayStation 4 and unlimited supply of Pizza and soft drinks and you’re set. But when it comes to adults feeling like very important people, you’re going to have to take it up a notch. I’m breaking it down into six different categories.

1. Services start from the moment they arrive. As soon as someone arrives into your event they’ve become your guests. Don’t make them be the awkward guy/lady trying to work out whether to put their hands into their pockets/handbags, fidgeting with their phones or elsewhere. Having a drink service right near the entry point is a must.


2. Surprising Features. Like you literary need something in the environment that turns heads and gets the camera phones out. Something that starts people talking. You get me??

3. Drinks instantly and constantly.

4. The Environment. The music should match the room and the volume should be adjusted to whether you want a rock concert or dance party or background music for mingling.

5. Meals please.
But hii mambo ya kueka watu walipe VIP/VVIP and the only privileges wako nayo ni ati kiti ya plastic imewekewa ribbon ya purple ama red blah blah blah na umekaa front seat hiyo hapana VIP mnachesa na watu kabisa. Unatoa KES 1500 or KES 2000 unarudi nyumbani ukona njaa surely surely. Tukueni serious hauwezi peleka event yako Acacia na uwache VIP/VVIP njaa. If it’s that tough then let’s have a standardized rate and no VVIPS or VIPS. It’s a headache down the Lakeside Town. Unatoka Acacia Premier unakimbia kula Swahili Dishes.


Harassment and non professional. Someone in a black T-shirt and pumped chest and swollen arms just decided I won’t get through the entrance. I just don’t know for what reasons but I swear I was pissed off. Apart from myself, I met people inside the elevator complaining about being harassed. At times it’s just safe for the people in charge of Security to know people.

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I was pushed away just because I didn’t have a tag and I being part of the team that managed to push the event via Social Media and word of mouth I was harassed. Even some artists and Photographers too. Next time when having an event please provide tags for easier recognition.

A Stage Manager oversees the day-to-day operations of a concert hall or other performance venue by setting up the stage and supervising the stagehands. A stage manager also supervises technical matters. He reviews concert technical requirements with various people involved in planning the performance, such as the act, the act’s manager and technicians.


He monitors lighting, speakers, microphones and other equipment during rehearsals or recordings. With that I hope Sayn Alex will stop running around and panting herein and therein and instead manage to enjoy the event. And with that description I hope we have a stage manager for another Classical Event such as the I AM KISUMU FESTIVAL. We good.

A good definition of time management, “Time management refers to a range of skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects and goals.


Once you start delving into these industry characteristics,scheduling your event date/time becomes a matter of accommodating your needs. An event scheduled to start by 7:00 pm starts at around 8:30 pm means there is a problem somewhere. You can’t keep your guests waiting like that. Time is money and it flies without wings braah.

Ladies and Gentleman OTILE BROWN is a 20 minutes man. After all the hype and sideshows. The ambiguous money spent, flights paid, hotel room, and the ladies that couldn’t wait to lay OTILE BROWN. He performed for only 20 mins. Yes. Sad but true. The whole of Otile that one that dates Vera Sidika, an exact 20 mins.


And some of the pretty ladies were disappointed. Sometimes it’s good for this A List Celebrities to give us value for money. It’s just high time guys ama tutaboycott sindiyooo. Kwani iko nini???

As I hinted earlier, payment of Kisumu artists is a story for Monday

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In the meantime thanks to the everyone that attended the I AM KISUMU FESTIVAL and thanks to LION EMPIRE for making Winnie Wenger Walcott dance with the stars, girl you got the juice you and you were trending everywhere.


I AM KISUMU FESTIVAL was an event of it’s kind with all the A Listers that donned it. Proudly sponsored by SAYN ALEX OKEMO the CEO of LION EMPIRE ENTERTAINMENT. BIG UP AND CONGRATULATIONS. TOAST FOR A BETTER KISUMU SHOWBIZ. Drops Mic!!!

Have anything to add to this story, join the conversation on the comments section below

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