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My first publication was received amazingly well, unto the next, and here it is: The good, the bad and the ugly, Kisumu’s Plus Size Fashion Affair is the event!

For starters, Kisumu Plus Size Fashion Affair is an exquisite fashion revolutionary annual event that’s aimed at celebrating and showcasing different curvaceous original designs from Kisumu and Kenya as a whole. As I put it, a real woman is whatever the hell she wants to be.


Just so it’s out there, before the order of the day,  in no way should the sentiments expressed in this article be viewed as criticism or anything of such sorts. This is just one man’s unbiased point of view. I am into Events Organizing myself so I know how difficult it could get to pull off a successful event without any hitches. With that said, pardon any lines of text that may seem as ‘bad-mouthing’ here. No harm, or offence, intended to any concerned party.

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If there’s one thing I represent in this world, it’s entertainment. I love entertainment. I literally eat, breath and live entertainment. From I Am Kisumu Festival to Fish Fiesta to KTCA to Kisumu Fashion Week, I’ve attended and seen it all. There’s something about events and entertainment as a whole that just makes me tick.

As we all know IMPERIAL HOTEL with all it’s setting is a Three Star Hotel. The front desk staff are welcoming, kind and efficient. The Venue is a check. Great Staff Great Service!


As I said on my past article, I’m becoming a great fan of HOMELAND EVENTS equipment lately because they are of the state of the art and efficiency. The sound, the stage and lighting was quite impressive.

The stage design was delightful and it was easy for the Plus Size models to get on and off the Runway. I wanna say a big thank you to DJ EDOGEE for working out on the sound this time round. Seems the reviews are taking effect. Though next time they should work on the volume cause it was an indoor setting. Great stuff HOMELAND EVENTS.

This was quite a combination; let’s talk about MC ONYULO. To be honest he’s curved a niche for himself as one of Kisumu’s top cooperate MCs. The way he does his thing is quite exceptional and boy I like it. He was good; He was great. Musa Naviye from Radio Sahara you are a charm and very composed on stage.

MC Onyulo and Adhiambo Otieno
MC Onyulo and Adhiambo Opondo

FemCee Adhiambo Opondo your fashion sense is amazing and woman you got the juice. I like the way you were giving the attendees the cooperate feeling. Great mastery of English too. Though I had this feeling that you guys overcrowded the stage since it was too small. My take if there are three masters of ceremony assigned for an event you can all learn the art of turn taking. Two at most on one stage. Great job my people. You rock my world.

The beautiful ladies were all looking glamorous and ready to help around in case of anything. The moment I got to the event my ticket was checked and immediately taken to my seat. Feels Special isn’t it? Let’s see this in all forthcoming events therein.

I ain’t sure who was responsible for the decor but the white was a marvelous attraction. White being a universal color never disappoints. It was an all white affair. Simplicity stole the show. But with all that experience, I hope we can still do better than this Elegant Modeling Agency. Are we together?


Dj Blueprint you are splendid you did a great job despite the pressure. But go slow on Naija Music my brother, we have amazing Kenyan particularly great Kisumu music too. I always know you can handle it. Let’s have a toast.

We all love it when we meet new people right?? The KISUMU PLUS SIZE FASHION AFFAIR really brought it’s A Game by having new faces on board instead of the normal people we all see in every other Kisumu event. All the beautiful faces that availed themselves to this event I just say wow! People were looking energized and glamorous. The red carpet was breath taking with different fashion pieces from both the ladies and gents.


If you have never seen BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN stride the runway in six plus inch heels then you missed a lot. It takes a lot to be that comfortable and to be that energetic to be that proud of who you are.

You all were looking beautiful thanks to Make Up By Beryl aka Kisumu MUA. Great job for showing us how fashionable plus size women can be despite all the stereotypes that come with being curvy. Congratulations my People. Winnie Wenger Walcott I know sometimes you have an attitude and you are not plus size but minus size pun intended. You are doing a great job ‘jamtaa’. God Bless You more as we wait for Kisumu Short Size Affair in the near future.


it’s all with great pleasure that everyday a new crop of designers emerge. Designs from Keyngsley Couture, Lydia Owenga, Zuri Afrique, Monah Tasha Designs and many more were fabulous. The Ankara heels and wedged shoes were a spectacular. And I wanna be thankful at least for once the designers are using different fabrics unlike the Ankara. I keep on saying this African Print is over rated. Let us sample more and more fabrics. Great Designs from great people.

10. THE VIP:-
Each VIP got a gift hamper to take home. Is it?? That was great. But can I just say provide some food and drink at their disposal. We people at the regular want to feel jealous yawa Lol.

Great Security provided by DALAZ PROTECTION UNIT ensured that the event went on smoothly with no distractions. Great job. But get yourself some great uniforms if you need your way up the corporate world.



When an event scheduled to start by 7:00 pm starts at around 8:30 pm then there is a problem. You can’t keep your guests waiting like that because time is money and it flies without wings my sister.

The Kisumu audience is always very impatient. That’s why you’ll meet people walking up and down the hall way or chilling at the lounge whenever they attend an event and time is not managed precisely.

The music should match the room and the volume adjusted to whether you want a rock concert or dance party or background music for mingling.

Drinks or meals should have started streaming instantly and constantly for the VIPs event after awarding them with a gift hamper. Make them feel like they are really VIPs. Let them be proud of spending that amount of money for that. Make them feel special. As Bray Brighton Okut the CEO Cittificial Clothing puts it, food is a must!


A Stage Manager oversees the day-to-day operations of a concert hall or other performance venue by setting up the stage and supervising the stagehands. A stage manager also supervises technical matters. He reviews concert technical requirements with various people involved in planning the performance, such as the act, the act’s manager and technicians. He monitors lighting, speakers, microphones and other equipment during rehearsals or recordings. With that description I hope we have a stage manager for another #KPSFA. THANK GOD there were no hitches.

Am not trying to start a war with photographers but I have this bad feeling that you people are starting to act like some demigods among us. I don’t think it’s a must you get signaled so that you can take a pic or two of someone.

Okay guys, we know how expensive your equipment are, but if you volunteer to do a job please do it to your level best. Drop that attitude of ‘hata nawafanyia favour sijalipwa kufanya shoots kwa hii event‘ WTF. Who hurt you.


A certain colleague of mine said this and I quote ‘mbona hawa photographers wanachagua tu watu wa kupiga picha kwa hii event‘. Okay guys I know you were not paid and hence just decided to help with covering the event’s proceedings but you were so much obsessed with taking photos of Joachim Oketch aka Swagga.

When he arrived, all the photographers went straight to where he was, not sure why but that was not just okay. Everyone wants a memory of such events. So guys, I know most of y’all are my friends and I know you personally but drop that awkward behaviour.

We all need pictures at the end of the day. Please be fair. And again Swagga has a personal photographer! You read me. I know some people will catch feelings but I talk less and write more.

N/B; Asen B Junior Great Performance my guy. You growing everyday.

Aswn B performing at the KPSFA 2018
Aswn B performing at the KPSFA 2018

All said, thanks to everyone who made it possible to have THE KISUMU PLUS SIZE FASHION AFFAIR 3rd edition a success.

Drops Mic!!!

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