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A Kisumu artist has emerged explaining an experience he had with the current Kisumu County Tourism Minister, Ms. Achie Alai.

Joseh Langa, a lakeside afro-fusion artist through a social media post seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE confirmed that he almost sold his music equipment after releasing his jam ‘City Na‘ (My City), a video whose aim was to sell Kisumu.

“When we released this song about two months ago, Kisumu County Minister in-charge of Youth and Tourism Achie Alai criticized it. She said it’s poorly done and cannot be used to sell Kisumu.

Joseh was so depressed that he almost sold his guitar. We had to really convince him to keep on singing. Today he ( Joseh Langah ) was among the artists who were invited by the PERMANENT Presidential Music Commission of Kenya to entertain President Uhuru Kenyatta at Kinoru Stadium” read the post

After releasing the video produced by TonnyHill, the artist went to the county, Tourism Dept. to seek some help on how they could do a launch for the video.

The soft spoken artist revealed that they had paid the county official a visit in her office to assist them book a venue for the video launch.


The Tourism minister dismissed the artist and his video terming the song as boring and not up-to required standards to be branded the ‘Kisumu Anthem’.

“She had listened to the audio before and when we went with the video to ask for her assistance to officially launch it, she told us that the song was boring and not dance-able” Joseh said

“It’s not obvious that everyone will like your projects, but at least she ought to have told us areas to work on, we could have even redone the video to make it better other than criticizing the video that had taken me resources to come up with” he added

Joseh Langa. PHOTO: Facebook
Joseh Langa. PHOTO: Facebook

Joseh said that Ms. Alai asked him to however draft a proposal for what he wanted, but according to the artist, he saw no need of submitting another request in any form after that incident.

Having started singing way back in 2005, ‘City Na‘ is Joseh’s first video, however he has a compilation of many other audio songs.

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The artist stated that he was highly disappointed to the point thinking of selling his music equipment because he thought having wasted time and finances coming up with the video.


Despite the discouragement from Ms. Alai, Jose was challenged to carry on with his projects, thanks to his close associates.

Ms. Achie Alai, Kisumu County's Tourism Minister
Ms. Achie Alai, Kisumu County’s Tourism Minister PHOTO: Facebook

During the National Madaraka Day celebration that was held in Meru County at the Kinoru Stadium, KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE has learnt that Joseh Langa was among the few artists invited to entertain countrymen at the event graced by all top government officials led by the president.

The artist while talking exclusively to KISUMINSYDER.CO.KE explained that he’s now set to soar to national heights after being recognized and gracing the national event.

He has already released a new video ‘Kisumu Girls’ whose teaser is already out.

Below is the ‘City Na’ video

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