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Ohangla queen Lady Maureen’s hospitalization has sparked a discussion online after it emerged that her condition has been delicate, leaving her fans with mixed reactions.

Close to three months ago, she was reported to have collapsed on stage in Nairobi’s Umoja estate on Valentines Day while preparing to perform during her debut album launch.


At the time of this article going online, KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE can now confirm that she is currently admitted at St Francis Community Hospital in Kasarani where she was diagnosed with hypertension.

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According to a close source that talked to KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE, Lady Maureen has also developed a bizarre growth on her bottoms that has left her health in an unstable condition, though improving from the time she was admitted.

The above state according to professionals could leave the once fiery performer paralyzed on one side of her body.

Lady Maureen in hospital. PHOTO: Sandra Dacha - FACEBOOK
Lady Maureen in hospital. PHOTO: Sandra Dacha – FACEBOOK

Further reports have indicated that Lady Maureen underwent a surgery that lasted 12 hours to try control the growth which has kept the her bedridden and totally inaudible.

She has been in hospital for two weeks now and her bill has accumulated to a sum of KES 1.2M. Emma Jalamo is one of the artists who’s said to have been supporting Lady Maureen in trying to raise the money to cater for the hospital expenses.


The celebrated artist has of late been hit by a series of misfortunes. Away from the hospitalization, a few months ago she was arrested for allegedly sneaking her 15 band members into a neighboring country.

They were accused and charged for getting into Tanzania without travel documents. The artist alongside her band members were arraigned in the High Court in Mwanza where they were given a bail of KES 35,000 each.

We wish her a quick recovery

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