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Residents of Car Wash Estate woke up to a bizarre incident on Thursday morning. Confirmed news that has reached KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE indicates that a man was lynched by an angry mob after killing a lady in his house.

The two are said to have been having a good time at SunSport Pub before the man asking the lady for a conjugal pleasure inside his house.


According to a witness, it did not take long before some loud screams were heard emerging from the rented house where the man who is in his early 20s lives.

The watchman sensed all was not well and informed the landlord who drove in with police officers.

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The man is said to have already stuffed the body in a suitcase for disposal at the time police arrived.

He attempted to take off only to land on the merciless hands of curious onlookers who descended on him, killing him instantly as policed watched helplessly.


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