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The Court of Appeal has thrown out an appeal filed by former Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma challenging Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’os win as the new county boss.

The court confirmed that the last years August gubernatorial poll was carried out according to the Constitution, the Election Act and other election laws.


The High Court therefore through Justice Waki denied Mr Ranguma his request to have the votes scrutinized, recounted and re-tallied.

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He further noted that even if all the 3,500 votes from the five polling stations in Kisumu East, which were not recorded, were to be added to Ranguma’s final tally, it would not affect the final outcome.

Mr Ranguma has however said that he is not bitter with the outcome.

“I am confident I won the elections and I have done my part as an individual to prove my case and to ensure the will of the people of Kisumu is respected,” he said.


He further wished his successor the best and asked him to deliver the promises made during the campaigns.

“I wish Nyong’o all the best. I am not sure I will appeal the case, but it is subject to the advice I will get from my legal and entire team.” he said


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