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Touch of Style Beauty Shop is located in the Nairobi Road based mall, Mega City, famous for housing the once giant store Nakumatt.

The shop, situated opposite BATA Store on the ground floor stocks mostly ladies’ top beauty products and accessories that anyone would find necessary.

Touch Of Style

If you need quality human hair, weaves, wigs, make-up kits, lippies, sunglasses, designer bags and cloth wear, Touch of Style is your one stop shop for the above.

Operating from Tuesday – Sunday between 8AM – 8PM, the prices for all products stocked at Touch of Style are pocket friendly.

Wigs range from KES 2,000 to KES 6,000 while quality human hair at the shop goes from KES 15,000 – KES 60,000.

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Designer sunglasses range between KES 300 and KES 2,000

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Make up essentials range between KES 100 and KES 3,000

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The shop enjoys a steadily growing buyer base as most of its shoppers are happy clients.

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Apart from its own beauty products, the shop is a certified stockist for Huddah Cosmetics.

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To make an order or an inquiry, call Teq on 0717 886 581 or 0740 409 363.

You can also visit the shop at Mega City Mall, ground floor, opposite BATA.

Product Photos Courtesy: Browline Omondi

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