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Known to many, Mpenzi Chokuu is a proud gay from Kisumu living in Cologne Germany where homosexuality is legal.

Chokuu who is a darling to many of her online female followers because of her protruding behind fears not showing off his Caucasian lovers and photos of him rocking female clothes and heels.

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Well, in a past post seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE, Mpenzi Chokuu could be hiding lots of tears and pain away from his ever smiling face on photos he posts on his social media platforms.


He shared an experience he had that left his large online followers sympathizing with him.

Born Sammy Owiya, Mpenzi Chokuu revealed that he was raped while young and even rejected by his family.

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In a facebook post, he opened up to why he has since developed a thick skin towards his online trolls.

“A time like today, I was raped, BEATEn, insulted and thrown out of my uncle’s house. They laughed at me, the people who I thought were supposed to protect me!.

THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS i never want to talk to my family members again! I was ashamed of my body. Hid my depression. Today I am a strong happy survivor and love my natural skin.

“This should be enough reason to tell you why I don’t give a single f**k on your negative comments about me. Because am that bitch who got to a point and chose his happiness.” he wrote


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