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Akothee is well known for her way back drama and experiences with different men who came to her life and vanished later in times of need, some dumping her while heavily pregnant.

The mother of five during one of her pregnancies was abandoned in hospital by the man responsible and her close friends too, only to find out that one of her girlfriends had moved in with her then man when she was still hospitalized.

It was then that she rented her first house which is now a veterinary office. She paid KES 8,000 rent.

The self-proclaimed president of single mothers revealed that she used to rent out the house occasionally while she slept in her taxi back then.

We would party from Mombasa to ukunda slept in the car waiting for dawn ! Well , one day I rented my house out for the wrong people and almost lost my life!

She’d given out her residence to a white guy she had not not much, only to find out later that the person she’d left her house for was a hard core criminal.

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I STOPPED MOVING INTO MENS LIVES BLINDLY, I HAVE MASTERS IN DUMPTATION. This was the first house I ever rented in my life after men served me like football and dumped me in acute ward 6 makadara hospital! I always had my small house hidden somewhere since I lost trust in men , I came here with 12 stitches on my tummy (ectopic pregnancy ) after my girlfriend dumped me in hospital and went, slept with my then boyfriend and moved in with him ! When I woke up from theater I saw a manumber with marron clothes carrying gana must go with all my belongings, was kicked out of the house I thought was ours! Because that's the song he always sang in my ears ! Remember it was a white guy if you thought black men are in human , I was paying 8000 per month !so I could rent it out for short term and I live inside my car KAT 516 F taxi driver in the making , some people tell my story like they knew my other side business , well you must have been one of my customers or comrade , so how rich are you now ?We could go shower in the ocean before its crowded and eat lunch and dinner at cheers/ bora bora waiting for the night life Tembo manenos 😂😂😂😂Ooh Yes , from Wednesday to Saturday night I wont miss tembo because I was born a party girl , we would party from Mombasa to ukunda slept in the car waiting for dawn ! Well , one day I rented my house out for the wrong people🙄🙄 and almost lost my life ! I forgot something in the house and when I came back to knock I saw guns on the table with tall very black built men !I had rented it to a white guy whom I dint realy know that mach ! So he came to the window and told me shhhhhhhh shhhhh get lost !!!!!🙄🙄🙄 afrocinema continues shortly……….. LEAVE ME ALONE LET ME LIVE MY LIFE PLEASE YOU DONT KNOW ME Today I passed by & its veterinary , I had come to ask the vet to take back all my cats because the employees eat the money I sent for cat foods and the cats are not used to fetching food on their own ! So they are suffering I would better give them out . 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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