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They say internet never forgets, it keeps history that uncovers when need arises.

Mishi Dorah, a celebrated actress from Kisumu is currently having a good time in Dar es Salaam, meeting friends and attending showbiz events, thanks to her good connections in the +255!

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While living large, the socialite has been littering her gram with photos of her in the company of top showbiz acts in Tz, but one set of photos seem to have angered her online followers.

Mishi’s images with Calisa has forced her fans to air out their pieces of advice to the Nairobi Diaries cast.

Ciala Resort

For starters, Calisa is a Tanzanian model who came to the limelight for having had relations with top Tanzanian socialite, Wema Sepetu.

The Tanzanian celebrity is also well known to many as a scandalous f*boy.

Apart from hitting headlines for always posing for photos rocking women’s shoes, Calisa is also a name that surfaces in a list belonging to celebrities known for posting nudes on social media.

“Siwezi kukataa Mkwanja kwa kuhofia watu wataongea, kitendo cha kuvaa viatu na kupiga navyo picha wala siyo vibaya, ingekuwa nazurura navyo mitaani hapo sawa.

Waendelee tu kuongea mimi naingiza mtonyo na siyo viatu tu, mtu yeyote atakayeweza dau langu la milioni 10, hata gauni nitavaa” calisa was once quoted saying after his country men attacked her for wearing women’s shoes.

Calisa - Tanzanian model
Calisa – Tanzanian model

Mishi Dorah’s fans seem not to be happy after they saw her sharing the below ‘lovey dovey’ moments with him.

A section of her followers are now begging her to avoid Calisa as plague as he might drag her back to the ratchetness that she’s managed to keep off for over four months now since the disappearance of Nairobi Diaries.

Below are the photos that have sparked mixed reactions.

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Here are a few feedback from her sympathizing fans who happen to be very familiar with the Tanzanian model.
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