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Former AM Live presenter on NTV Kobi Kihara was on Friday exposed for living a lie in the US where she recently relocated to for further studies.

The TV girl was identified to be one of the many online users lifting content from various photo websites to post on her own social media pages to show the world how she is living large in US.

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As expected, Kenyans took to their social media platforms led by the heartless bullies on Twitter to troll Kobi Kihara by sharing very hilarious memes and photos showing how she managed to create a large life out of downloaded photos.

Kobi Kihara – former presenter at NTV

The photo that led her to being exposed was a salad she claimed to have made on her own and posted on her gram, she went ahead to give the recipe about it, yet she’d downloaded it from a food website.


Below are some of the posts by KOT making fun of the common behavior with Kenyans trying to live a lie on social media.

Well, it seems not all are pleased with the bullying on Twitter and blogs that picked up the story with excitement.

Songstress Suzanna Owiyo has taken the opposite direction to be a sister’s keeper and shield Kobi from Kenyans on Twitter who do not know anything close to chills when it comes to attacking celebrities.

Suzanna has wished if the lady could be confirmed to be okay after netizens ganged up to make fun of her, what is commonly known as cyber bullying.

See Suzanna’s tweet below.

Kobi on the other hand addressed the issue saying she once made it clear that she’s a lifist who is moved by lifestyle and would pick on anything she feels wowed her for her online pages.

I posted this in October last year explaining my content. I’m sorry to everyone who I mislead, forgive me. I should have thought twice perhaps and I guess it got away from me.

And to my friends in the DM and on WhatsApp thanks for the lovely messages, I’m ok…really😘😘 to the trolls and bullies…it’s ok! I can handle being an online punching bag, go for it

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