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Popular socialite Bridget Achieng has confirmed having engaged in prostitution with class to make her way to the top or wherever she is right now.

She has however pointed out that being a high-end escort is not quite easy and rossy as people think of it.

“It’s crazy things we are told to do, we are told to suck toes….like it’s crazy. i don’t wanna go into details because it freaks me out” she said

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Bridget made it clear to young ladies that there’s nothing that comes for free, based on her life experience.

Bridget Achieng
Bridget Achieng

She said being an escort is something she tried when she was in her desperate moments and that she used to pocket up to $ 10,000 (appr. KES 1,000,000) per single visit abroad mostly Dubai.

“I tried (the trade), I wouldn’t say I didn’t try, you are a desperate girl looking for money and this guy offers you like 10 thousand dollars to just to go and visit him. 10 thousand dollars!

Some people have never seen 10 thousand dollars in their life. You just need to look pretty and get 10,000 dollars and get on that flight and do what you have to do,” She said.

According to the Nairobi Diaries cast, she was given the idea by a friend wayback when she was still broke and hopeless.


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She however do not advocate for prostitution as a path to your way up but she says she had to because that’s all she could do.

Currently, Bridget runs an orphanage with close to 30 kids.


The socialite was speaking to BBC Africa. Below is the full video

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