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Akothee’s followers are a group of people who will always expect anything as the mother of five is well known for controversial posts.

Of her over 800K gram fans, there however exist a section of critics who are fast to correct the artist in case she posts what annoys them.

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Well, these are the people Akothee has to take some of her time to fight and clap back in equal measure on a daily basis.

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On Thursday, one troll attacked Akothee’s family on the comments section and she was not lucky as many other bullies go unanswered.


Akothee went straight to the ladies’ account and picked a photo that she used to savagely embarrass her.


In a savage post, she tore into the lady in the most savage way, leaving her fans tickled.

“You only have one kid yet you like a bale of cloth. I can’t differentiate your breasts from your belly.

Why is your hair starting from the middle of your head?” read part of Akothee’s post that left her followers sympathizing with the bully


According to Akothee, you don’t pick a fight with her when you have nothing to show for it.

Check out the screenshot below of the savage response Akothee made on her IG account.

Akothee Troll

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