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Following the death of Sharon Otieno, a Rongo University student who was murdered, there has been heated mixed reactions from both political leaders and the public.

As many want justice served to the perpetrators of the horrendous act, another section also argues that the incident should be a lesson to campus girls who want lavish lifestyles without working for it.

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Top Luo Nyanza female ODM MPs led by Millie Odhiambo joined hands to strongly condemn the bizarre act calling on the police to hasten the probe in order to unearth the people behind it.

Dr. Hezron McObewa, a top contender in the 2017 Kisumu Gubernatorial race however pointed out that despite the female legislatures being in the forefront of seeking justice for Sharon, he’s shocked the law makers could not show prowess of the Queen’s language while addressing the issue at a public gathering.

“The command of English amongst our local (Luo Nyanza) female ODM MPs yawa. Not a single one of them can construct a proper sentence in English? Seriously? Not one?” MCOBEWA posted

Dr. Hezron McObewa
Dr. Hezron McObewa

Vocal lawmaker Millie Odhiambo responded to the businessman terming his observation as a misogynistic tendency.

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In a long post seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE, Millie lectured McObewa reminding him of educational backgrounds of each of the female politicians that was present at the gathering.

“Luo and Suba Nyanza elected very highly educated women. They chose amongst the finest of its crop. Senator Rose Nyamunga, Hon Gladys Wanga, Rozzah Buyu and I have Masters degrees in our respectives fields and some are pursuing their PhDs.

Millie Odhiambo
Millie Odhiambo

The rest have PhDs and above – Professor Jackline Oduol, Dr. Christine Ombaka, Dr. Eve Obara, Dr. Pamela Odhiambo and Dr. Lillian Gogo” read part of the post

Millie advised McObewa that mastery of a local language is more relevant in the quest for an elective position and perhaps he needs to learn from the women in his next bid for the gubernatorial seat otherwise he is likely to lose again the way he did in last year’s elections.

“In politics you learn to step up or step down depending on your audience. We will “twang” with Trump or Obama and “shrub” in Kano.

Have a gender-sensitive week my brother. You have a long way to go in politics” enraged millie wrote

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