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Kisumu residents have been angered after learning of a number of trucks used to ferry petrol were filled with petrol containing abnormal traces of water at the Kenya Pipeline Company’s lakeside plant.

The company went ahead to recall all the tankers that had been suspected to have been loaded with the the commodity.

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According to reliable sources, some of the tankers had traveled up-to 60 kms away to deliver the ‘petrol’.

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It was one of the drivers who realized that he was not transporting the usual commodity after he noticed a leakage from one of the compartments of his tanker.

“I suspected that the water was as a result of the heavy rain which pounded the region yester night but realised that something was amiss,” he said

The driver reported his observation to the authority back at the plant, they in turn asked all the truck drivers who’d been dispatched.

The depot manage, Herman Munga did not deny or accept the mistake but has said they will investigate and find out what might have gone wrong.

“As an institution, we take seriously any issue raised and don’t want members of the public to be adversely affected,” he said

Another loader revealed that he realized that one of the trucks was containing unusual petrol moments before he could offload his product in Bondo town.

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