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A Kisumu man has sparked a heated discussion on social media after posting a rare challenge on his Facebook account.

Zack Opondo, who enjoys a huge online following has been posting a series of online challenges from 29th October targeting his female followers.

According to him, he has set aside an unknown amount of cash to fete the winners of each challenge.

The Wednesday challenge being the third, he first asked bold lasses to grace his timeline with selfies, where the owner of the selfie with the most likes bagged KES 5,000

On Tuesday, he posted a ‘Dress Challenge’ where he prompted ladies to comment on his post with their best full photos, the photo with the most likes won KES 10,000.

On all occasions, he posted screenshots of money sent to each of the winners.


Well, on Wednesday, he tightened the challenge, asking his female followers to show their cleavages, whoever gets the most likes takes home KES 20,000.

To what has left many scratching their heads, the challenge has since gone viral with over 6,000 comments consisting of ladies posting sections of their titties.

The post has also left social media users divided, as others feel it’s a mere fun post, another group has pointed out the challenge being a sign of despair amongst those flooding Zack’s timeline with their cleavage photos.

Below are a section of what you can find on the comments’ section of the viral post.

Screenshot_20181031-154003 Screenshot_20181031-154046 Screenshot_20181031-154130 Screenshot_20181031-154147 Screenshot_20181031-154204 Screenshot_20181031-154219 Screenshot_20181031-154252 Screenshot_20181031-154317 Screenshot_20181031-154401 Screenshot_20181031-154421 Screenshot_20181031-154446 Screenshot_20181031-154700 Screenshot_20181031-155235



According to Zack on today’s challenge, Phenny Awiti has emerged the winner after getting close to 3K likes on her photo. She’s since been sent her cool KES 20,000 if a screenshot seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE is anything to go by.

It still remains unclear why the fella is posting the challenges, he has also made it clear that his followers should brace themselves for more controversial challenges onward.

What’s you opinion regarding this challenge? Leave your comment on the opinion section below.

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