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The Homa Bay Assembly Speaker Elizabeth Ayoo has been shown the door by angry MCAs who claim she’s been mistreating them.

Mrs. Ayoo has been involved in bitter battles with the county MCAs, leading to her ousting on Thursday morning.

In October, the MCAs physically attacked her, throwing chairs and water bottles at her during an ongoing session.

The MCAs accused her of lack of integrity and capacity to lead the house as stipulated in Chapter Six of the Constitution.

According to a report published on Citizen Digital, all the MCAs were present and voted in favor of her removal.

Homa Bay County Assembly Speaker Elizabeth Ayoo PHOTO/Courtesy

Homa Bay County Assembly Speaker Elizabeth Ayoo PHOTO/Courtesy

They jointly alleged that Mrs. Ayoo has been discriminating and mistreating the Assembly members and staff.

Another section of the irate members of the county assembly also pointed out that she was incompetent to discharge her duties as required and also doubted her character following the alleged stealing of the Homa Bay County Assembly Mace which is the symbol of authority from the Assembly.

She has also been accused of frequently adjourning the house sittings, what the MCAs have termed not procedural.

Additional Info: Citizen Digital

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