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A trending screenshot from a Kisumu County WhatsApp Group has sparked heated discussions on social media.

According to the screenshot seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE, the WhatsApp Group baptized ‘The Protagonists’ has in it top officials of the Kisumu County Government including the Governor, Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o.

The exact vision of the group is however not clear but if a section of the discussion from the group that leaked online is anything to go by, then there might have been a discussion to ‘tame’ the media.

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In the series of screenshots that have since gone viral on social media, Nerry Achar, Kisumu County’s Finance CEC passes a sentiment pointing out that the press has decided to paint the Kisumu County Government negatively.

“Of late, the press have deliberately twisted stories to paint the current Kisumu GOVERNMENT in bad light” he wrote

A reply to Nerry’s statement from another member of the group, Bovince Ochieng who’s also the manager of Kisumu’s top all boy musical group CBK Band has left many irked.


Bovince in his reply is seen advocating on ways of how to make the media appear irrelevant by creating a parallel media after alleging that the media is against the current regime.

“Waziri it’s obvious that the media is against the current regime which is unethical and unprofessional since the media should be non-partisan.

They should stick to their job and stop politicking.

Bovince Ochieng' - Kisumu based CBK Band Manager
Bovince Ochieng’ – Kisumu based CBK Band Manager

The best solution is to think on how to make them irrelevant and appear as propagandist and unreliable to the public by creating a parallel media team reaching out to every resident with the right information at the right time.

Access to to information should be made very easy” Read his reply.

Nerry nods to it and confirms that the County’s CEC for Tourism Ms. Achie Alai is on it.

“True Bovince, Waziri Achie is on it. Thanks” wrote nerry

This comes barely 3 months after the Tourism CEC was forced to apologize to Kisumu journalists after referring to their questions as “silly” during a press conference before walking out on them.

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Below are the trending screenshots.



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