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A couple of days ago, there was a heavy drama in one of the county offices in Nyanza after two female secretaries attached to the county boss were involved in a cat fight.

What started as a heated verbal exchange that attracted the attention of other officials from the governor’s office is said to have been caused by a disagreement over a trip to Nairobi.

Each of the two wanted to accompany their boss to the trip.

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KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE has learnt that one of the secretaries has been minting hundreds of thousands in per diems whenever she accompanies the governor in such trips.

Further details disclose that the same secretary is alleged to be in a steamy affair with another senior county official.

According to sources, the officer rumored to be in a secret affair with the secretary has always included the woman’s name in every list of officers accompanying the governor in his trips.


It is said that she skips some but still pocket hefty sums in relation to having attended the trip virtually.

Well, on the said day, the governor received complaints over the constant name in his trips, forcing him to order a newly done list, leading to dropping of the notorious secretary.

A heavy exchange erupted after the woman refused to stomach the newly prepared list which had in it the name of her other colleague, her demanding answers why she’d been dropped, accusing her colleague of being behind the act.

The two women caused a heavy drama at the county offices only to be separated by a number of other officials who were present at the time of the mayhem.

The said county has been in the recent past been in the radar of the country’s investigative agencies over questionable procurement.

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