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Known to many, Phenny Awiti is a popular HIV/AIDs activist who chose to disclose her status to the public and has also started an online campaign towards a stigma free society.

According to a number of posts seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE, the mother of two kids has found herself at the merciless hands of online bullies who think she’s being favored because of her status.

This comes after she won an online competition sponsored by singer Akothee’s tour firm, Akothee Safaris and winning another online challenge worth KES 20,000 days later.

Of the Akothee’s offer, she was flown to Diani over the weekend and accommodated at the Morning Star Resort together with her two daughters, a holiday that was fully catered for.


Phenny Awiti also participated in an online challenge which caused a stir on social media.

A couple of days ago, a Kisumu man tasked her female followers to grace the comments’ section of a post he’d made with photos of their cleavages for a cash prize of KES 20,000 for the photo that would have garnered the highest number of likes before a given timeline.

Kenyan women didn’t disappoint, they flocked the post, littering it with thirst welcoming photos of their cleavages, Phenny Awiti being one of the participants, posting one of her photos for the challenge.

She won the challenge which had since gone viral, her photo getting over 3,000 likes, later feted with a sum of KES 20,000.


Well, according to her critics, she got the likes and keeps getting favors because of sympathy, something she has distanced herself from, terming it as her own luck and the positivity the society sees in her.

In an online post, she’s clapped back at her trolls, challenging them to also try contract HIV and come out to the public boldly as she has and get favored if that’s the way to earn favor.

“If you think that I get favored on Facebook because I am HIV Positive. Sweerie, got get HIV, come out publicly, and create awareness and also get favored. HIV is everywhere my darlings, kupata si ngumu hata kidogooooo!”

Phenny has been advocating for a stigma free society for people living with HIV/AIDs through her social media platforms, prompting her to launch a campaign baptized ‘Phenny Awiti Uncensored’.

An initiative she’s running via a new YouTube channel from where she posts weekly episodes of uncensored videos.

Her third video on breastfeeding is out now on the channel. Watch it below.

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