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Close to a week ago, a Kisumu man sparked heated reactions on Facebook after posting a series of challenges attached to cash awards to the winners in each category.

Zack Opondo, the man behind the challenges and boasting of thousands of followers used his facebook account to make posts that earned him instant fame and caused a social media uproar of a similar measure.

His challenge posts majorly made in Luo, Zack put his followers to task of flaunting whatever he asked them from best selfies, full photos, teeth, legs and the most viral challenge, the cleavage challenge, where he asked females on his timeline to comment with juicy photos of their cleavages.

He claimed to be running a Breast Cancer Awareness initiative through the challenge, October being a Cancer Awareness month.

Kenyan women hoping to milk KES 20,000, flooded the post, dropping and littering it with thirst welcoming photos of their titties, a Facebook post that broke the internet.


Well, according to confirmed calls made, texts received and seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE, none of the challenge participants received the stipulated amounts as indicated on either of the numerous challenges.

What have left many scratching their heads are the edited MPESA messages Zack posted on his timeline, making his followers believe that he’d indeed wired the sums to each of the winners’ mobile money accounts.


According to Safaricom, the screenshots of the MPESA transactions posted on Facebook to confirm payments by Zack which he has since been deleted from his timeline are invalid and do not exist.

We reached to each of the winners and they all confirmed having not received the posted amounts, they were directed to lie to the public by Zack who gave them fake MPESA messages to cover up the scam and asked not to disclose any further details regarding the payments.

Of the confirmed invalid payments, Mercy, the winner of the ‘Dress Challenge’ who was to be awarded KES 10,000 was sent KES 1,000 while the winner of the viral ‘Cleavage Challenge’ Phenny Awiti was to receive KES 20,000 but was sent KES 3,000 by Zack.

Below are two of the four fake transactions posted by Zack for the above winners.




“I was given an mpesa message that read 20k, and Zack clearly gave me an option of updating it on my wall or not. I remember updating the screenshot on my wall, but only after some 4 minutes and pulled it down” said one of the winners

Feeling duped and played, contestants of Zack’s challenges who’d graced his posts with photos hoping to make easy money are now withdrawing their photo comments.

Many have also criticized him of making fun on facebook, taking advantage of the killer disease, cancer.

However exposed, Zack has threatened to carry on with the challenges and fete the winners even more ‘Handsomely’ than the previous victors.

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