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Over the weekend, popular HIV/AIDs activist Phenny Awiti through a long and emotional post explained that all isn’t rosy at Phennyville.

According to the social media post, Phenny admitted that she is just trying to be a happy soul because that’s what she’s chosen to be, but deep inside, all is not well as many think.

The single mother of two was replying to an online scam that she’d been involved in and was giving her account to shed more light to the matter.

She’d taken part in an online competition for a KES 20,000 cash reward, what turned out to be a social media fraud.

She was handed a paltry KES 3,000 plus a fake MPESA message reading KES 20,000 and asked not to disclose any further details to the public.

The fake MPESA message of money sent to Phenny Awiti
The fake MPESA message of money sent to Phenny Awiti

The bizarre dare she took part in christened ‘Cleavage Challenge’ needed females to post their thirst awakening mammary glands on a facebook post.

Well, while giving a blow by blow account of what transpired, Phenny said that she got an interest because Zack Opondo, the man behind the scandalous posts attached it to a Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative.

“I have done Breast Cancer Awareness on my wall, for the better part of October, and when I found a huge platform of doing it, I thought, why not?” she wrote

She also revealed that she gave it a try because in the long run, the money would have helped her sort a few of her bills like rent and her November upkeep.

Phenny Awiti
Phenny Awiti

When she won the challenge and sent what wasn’t bargained for, she gladly accepted as she admits having been dead broke at the moment.

“I appreciated the Ksh. 3,050, because like I told you guys, I struggle sooo much financially, I remember that day I had 50 bob while leaving Ebru TV. I was super broke. It helped” Phenny said

The post which sounded emotional to many reached Kisumu business man & former Market/Milimani Ward Representative Edwin Anayo.

Anayo stood by Phenny as a section of online bullies were trolling her for sitting on a scam until it blew to the public.

Kisumu businessman Eddy Anayo
Kisumu businessman Eddy Anayo

Anayo, the owner of Kisumu’s prestigious events company, Homeland Events has vowed to support the mother of two for a period of one year with a sum of KES 10,000 for the next 12 months beginning end of November 2018.

In addition, the businessman has offered to pay for Phenny’s NHIF demands and assist her land a stable job to enable the activist support herself and her her two daughters.

“This post by PHENNY AWITI has touched me so Much….Phenny I dont know who you are but am proud of you, while they are abusing you en Judging you, From November 2018 to November 2019 HOMELAND EVENTS will put you on a 10,000 monthly upkeep to help you take care of the 2 cute babies and pay for your NHIF also , On Monday drop your details to my Secretary” anayo wrote

Many have congratulated the ex-politician for a kind-hearted gesture.


This comes barely a week after Phenny won a fully sponsored holiday to the Kenyan coast courtesy of Akothee Safaris, Silverstone Airline and Diani based Morning Star Resort.

Phenny who is also in search of a stable source of income has done HIV Testing and counselling at Liverpool VCT and holds a Certificate in Counselling Psychology.

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