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A video trending on social media of Migosi MCA and his Nyalenda A counterpart flexing muscles has left many angered, calling for sanity among the rowdy county officials.

The MCAs have been involved in a series of controversies not only publicly but also inside the County Assembly.

The Sunday incident came barely a day after ODM party leader Raila Odinga was in the lakeside county to lecture the officials over continuous , mayhem they are causing instead of embarking on development projects.

Caught on camera, Migosi MCA Victor Rodgers & Jacktone Ogendo representing Nyalenda A tore into each other before being separated by a third party.

Victor Rodgers, Migosi MCA
Victor Rodgers, Migosi MCA

The Migosi MCA claims that he was hosting friends at the hotel before Ogendo pounced on him.

According to Rodgers, the disagreement started from a WhatsApp group where Ogendo commented negatively to a chat he (Rodgers) had made.

“Sometime back I had posted that there was need for unity amongst MCAs and as a family we needed to sit and solve our issues,” rodgers said.

“So on Sunday, when our party leader told us the same, I posted to the group, saying those are the things that I have have been talking about,” Rodgers said.

The Nyalenda quickly acclaimed to the above chat with a “useless” reply.

It’s after the above disagreement that Ogendo traced Rodgers to the hotel and attacked him with a crude weapon.

Rodgers confirmed the video, saying the fist fight erupted while trying to defend himslef. The Nyalenda A MCA was not available for a comment at the time of this publication foing online.

Below is the video that has annoyed Kisumu residents, leaving them worried of the exact role of MCAs in the county.

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