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Kisumu Governor’s son, Junior Nyong’o, has left many try to unearth the reason why he stepped out for a public event rocking a dress.

Junior who is not new to controversy always pull an endless list of fashion stunts and seem not to be worried about his critics.

Well, he’s now explained why he had to rock a dress during the November 4th’s edition of the ‘Blankets & Wines’ event that went down at the Ngong Race Course in Nairobi.

Junior Nyong'o at Blankets & Wines event in Nairobi on Nov 4th
Junior Nyong’o at Blankets & Wines event in Nairobi on Nov 4th

Replying to a number of fans who dug for answers regarding why he chose a dress for the event, Junior explained that he is at liberty to put on what he wishes if it looks good.

“There is no thought process my G. If a piece of clothing looks good it looks good,” said Junior.

Junor Nyong'o
Junor Nyong’o

Junior has in a recent past has not only posted photos online in his birthday suit but has also been spotted with rap icon Snoop Dogg in possession and smoking what was alleged to be large rolls of weed.

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