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Kisumu Art House is an events company in Kisumu dealing in high end events decor and furnishings to make your occassion not only memorable but also enviable.

The company has specialized in all kinds of events including weddings, birthday parties, conferences, roadshows, corporate events, dinner events, final send-offs, graduation parties and and many more forms of celebrations upon inquiry.

The ornamentation available at Kisumu Arthouse include all kinds of indoor and outdoor furnishing needed to give your event that glamorous look.

These include red carpets of any size, drapery, backdrops, tiebacks, table linens, table runners, centerpieces, lounge seats, sofa seats, pallets and different mobile latrines.

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Well, for portable executive latrines, Kisumu Arthouse now provides an array of units for its clients.

The equipment uses flash, fitted with a sink plus a hand-wash placed inside each unit. In addition, tissues are also provided by a round the clock attendant on standby.

Below are samples of the portable pits.

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The costs of hiring these services or equipment from Kisumu ArtHouse is equally cost effective.

Get in touch with Eunice on +254 720 289 497 to get more details on how to give your event an outstanding look.


Have a business/event in Kisumu and you’d wish it reach thousands of our daily website viewers, Call/Whatsapp us on +254 733 333 833 or sent us an email using sales@kisumuinsyder.co.ke

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