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Akothee is forcing men to respect women and is not mixing her words, not even ready to care who reads her posts which have turn out to be the most savage when responding to her online bullies.

A week ago, the wealthy business lady and musician was involved in an awful online shouting match with Cyprian Nyakundi .

Many felt that the blogger was put in his rightful place after forming a habit of throwing shade at women.

Well, during the International Men’s Day, it wasn’t such a good day for Robert Alai after a DM he sent to Akothee.

According to a post seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE, Alai slid into Akothee’s DM asking the mother of five to contact him immediately as he had a job offer for her, this formed the genesis of an online duel that has left many in stitches.

According to Akothee, Alai has no any right of offering her any help as it’s the same fella who has been calling her all sorts of names and insulting her family.

In a long post, Akothee posted Alai’s photo, exposed and shamed the blogger, using unprintables, leaving her close to a million followers sympathizing with Alai.

Check out Akothee’s series of savage responses below.

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What do you think about these online attacks Akothee is launching on men she terms as ‘women haters’? Leave your opinion on the comments section below.


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