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In early October when fans of Benga lost Jerry Jalamo, a man left many shocked after coming out to celebrate the artist’s death.

The Kisumu man allegedly based in Mombasa as a promoter seemed to be overjoyed following the death of Benga maestro Jerry Jalamo.

Rodgers Adera Jasembo Magunda made a series of savage posts showing his celebration after learning of the musician’s death following an unsettled debt owed by the musician at the time of his death.

Rodgers claimed that the ‘con artist’ had taken him in circles until his death, according to him, that was the best that could happen to him after ‘refusing to pay his debt’.

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Well, the fella is back again, attacking popular rhumba artist Igwe Prezda Bandason via social media posts after what is likely to be a deal gone sour.

According to online posts seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE, Rodgers was seeking to be refunded a sum of KES 51,000 which he says the artist conned him.

Rodgers Adera Jasembo Magunda
Rodgers Adera Jasembo Magunda

The two had organized a show but the artist, according to Rodgers, made away with the entire proceeds from the event, thereafter blocking the promoter on all social media platforms.

In a long post which has since been deleted, the promoter threatened to go beyond ordinary measures to have his hard earned money, what threw his online followers into a frenzy.

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Well, the two seem to have ironed out their differences if a Monday morning facebook post is anything to go by.

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