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A popular Radio Ramogi has been arrested after trying to con residents of Bondo town, impersonating the station’s presenter Lydia Akoth who runs the famous ‘Donse Donse’ afternoon show.

26-year-old Florence Awino Agunda popularly known as ‘Flo Nyar Agunda’ was arrested in Bondo and is being held at the town’s Police Station.

She allegedly went a shop owned by Mr. George Ouka, a father to one of the university students who drowned while taking selfies along the waters of R. Yala.

According to Mr. Ouka, ‘Flo Nyar Agunda’ approached him on Friday, November 30th with claims that she wanted to help him after loss, the aid being courtesy of Radio Ramogi.

The shop owner became suspicious of the woman who looked very unofficial. This prompted him to begin tracking the suspect after she had left his shop.

He tricked the woman back to his shop the following day (Saturday) so that ‘they could seal the deal’.

It’s here that Flo was nabbed by area residents who had been alerted by shop owner, the irate locals frogmarched the woman to Bondo Police Station.

On preliminary investigations, she was found in possession of a series of fake Royal Media business cards having Lydiah Akoth’s details.

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