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Migori County Commander has ordered for the deportation of beggars of all Tanzanian nationals who’ve been scattered in the streets of Migori town pleading for help from locals.

According to the commander, the beggars might have found their ways into Kenya illegally and must therefore be deported with immediate effect.

He noted that there are individuals who’ve been sneaking beggars into county, what he said will lead to arrest and prosecution of such persons plus the beggars who are mostly people living with disabilities.

Not only will affected individuals from the neighboring country be arrested but the county official has also warned that Kenyan beggars loitering in the streets of Migori town will face the law.

This order comes after continued concerns being raised over an increased number of Tanzanians living with disability begging in the streets of Migori town.

The Chairperson of Persons with Disability at the Migori County Assembly, Esther Onana has supported the move saying that those living with disabilities should make use of the empowerment program from the government so that they can be self reliant and not seeking public sympathy on the streets.

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