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Aluoch Oito, a freelance journalist in Kisumu is well known for her ‘long posts’ on Facebook touching on social matters relating to human rights.

The publicist is among the few in Kisumu using their social media platforms to fight against social vices and get to relevant authorities through their online accounts and posts.

Over the weekend, Aluoch was recognized for her efforts in trying to quell societal wickedness.

During the Friday’s Kisumu Youth Awards which went down at the Victoria Comfort Inn, Aluoch was celebrated in the Special Awards category as an investigative journalist focusing mostly on violence against women and girls.

i was given a special recognition award for doing what i do. That is using my journalistic skills to fight for human rights and tell human interest stories in unbiased fashion to the world. I am grateful” said thankful aluoch


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One of Aluoch Oito’s remarkable works was her expose of a dreaded thicket next to an unfinished building along Kisumu’s Dunga area that harbored randy youths targeting women for sexual assaults.

Watch the chilling feature below available on her YouTube channel.

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