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A list showing top searched personalities on Google for this the year 2018 has been relesed and Sharon Otieno and Miguna Miguna are among those who’ve been featured.

Sharon Otieno might have made it to the list following the bizarre circumstance under which she was murdered, only her body later to be found dumped in a forest in Homa Bay County.

Her death was linked to Migori Governor Okoth Obado who was her lover then. This must have drawn the curiosity of Kenyans to try find more about the university student who was living a lavish life before her shocking death.

Controversial law maker Miguna Miguna was also among the top personalities searched on Google by Kenyans.

This could have been as a result of the JKIA detention and deportation saga and the swearing in of the People’s President, what earned him enormous mileage in his political publicity.

Other names that were largely searched on the engine include the Raila Swearing in, Samantha the sex doll and Jacquey Maribe.

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