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Rosemary Odinga has since resurfaced to the public after an illness that partially took away her sight, what she confirmed to have began as an ordinary head ache while on a tour with her children in Naivasha.

Well, during a recent interview, she disclosed what has been happening to her life and how she’s managed to keep strong despite the ailment which forced her to drop her 2017 political ambition.

One of the issues that Rosemary Odinga explained is the existence of a skull in her house which she says is a commemoration for her late brother Fidel Odinga who died on January 4th 2015.

The skull is not Fidel’s but a replica she bought from Mexico where she borrowed the idea from.

As crazy as it might sound, to Rosemary, she has decided to keep the skull in honor of her late brother, a tradition practiced by Mexicans.

“There was a time I went to Mexico for a conference. And it happened to be around the month of November. Then I found so many of these skulls all over and when I asked why they said November 2nd is known as the day of the dead,” said Rosemary Odinga

Rosemary Odinga shows the replica skull of Fidel Odinga in her living room
Rosemary Odinga shows the replica skull of Fidel Odinga in her living room

For starters, ‘The Day of the Dead’ is a special day in Mexico’s calendar when netizens remember all the departed souls, celebrated on Nov 2nd annually.

Coincidentally, Fidel Odinga’s birthday falls on the same date! So she revealed that she had to buy the skull to be able to ‘be with her brother every day’.

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