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Close to nine months after being dumped by Zari Hassan with whom he had two kids, Bongo Star Diamond has publicly announced that a Kenyan woman has stolen his heart.

This new love comes three months after the artist fell out with another Tanzanian socialite Hamissa Mobeto, an affair that saw a kid born.

Tanasha Donna Oketch, a curvaceous radio presenter at Kenya’s most digitized station, NRG Radio is rumored to be in a steamy relationship with the singer.

Many including celebrities have been pouring out their hearts to the two after the controversial relationship became public close to a fortnight ago.

A number of Tanzanians are however not happy with the lass claiming that she’s not any close to the artist’s standards as compared to the pace set by Uganda’s Zari, Diamond’s ex-wife.

Well, Jalang’o, Milele FM’s presenter and a top MC is among those who’ve commented on the trending affair. He’s warned Diamond never to disappoint Tanasha Oketch, hinting that Kenyans will deal with him accordingly as they don’t take love heartbreaks lying down.

“Nina onyo kwake Diamond. Sijaielewa ile uhusiano kwa sababu inaenda kwa kasi sana. Sasa Simba tunakuambia ukijaribu kumwacha Tanasha, io ndio mwisho wako wa kukanyaga Kenya.

Sisi apa Kenya ukimchukua mtoto wetu umemchukua na ameenda” said Jalas

Watch the full video below.

Tanasha Donna Oketch is born to an Italian dad and Luo mum.

Tanasha Donna Oketch
Tanasha Donna Oketch
Tanasha Donna Oketch
Tanasha Donna Oketch

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