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Social media has been left shocked after an STI in Migori was named after ohangla maestro Musa Jakadalla of the ‘Hera Remo’ hit.

According to an article earlier published on KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE, a section of Migori residents opted to refer to the hard core infection as ‘Jakadalla’, what has sent mixed reactions among netizens.

No local has however succumbed to the disease but at least 5 have shown signs of the gory sickness.

Well, according to Musa Jakadalla, he has no problem with the infection being named after him because he says that it’s a common practice for calamities to be named after popular personalities.

He’s stated that residents of Migori might have landed on his name following the release of his ‘Hera Video’ which is currently trending in the area.

“It’s natural for people to be associated with what’s trending. The disease came at a time when my newly released video was trending in the area.

I don’t have a problem with the naming as it’s part of Luo culture to name such occurrences. I’m praying for both the affected and infected” the artist exclusively told KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE on phone

Musa Jakadalla - Ohangla artist
Musa Jakadalla – Ohangla artist

Jakadalla has asked the relevant bodies in the county to hasten steps to ensure the ailment is curbed before late.

He has however distanced himself from some claims that the disease originated from some members of his band.

He confirmed that none of his band members has ever been diagnosed with such a gory disease or shown signs of it.

Musa Jakadalla is currently riding high with his ‘Hera Remo’ video produced three weeks ago, having over 130K views on YouTube.

Here’s the trending video

What do you think about Migori residents baptizing an STI after the Ohangla maestro? Leave your comment on the interactive segment below.


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